The global water and sanitation (W&S) challenge is growing. It requires immediate broad action. Youth must get educated and start to act now to protect the future.

The Rotary Hands across Water (RHAW) program provides an opportunity to study the subject  as a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math multidisciplinary program. Initiated in israel in collaboration with Academia, Industry, water authority and ministry of education the program educated 17,000 students since 2006.

Since 2019' the program expanded and started to offer The Rotary Hands Across Water School Twinning Program. It offers schools around the world an opportunity to collaborate, with schools in Israel on water and sanitation education research projects. It facilitates and promotes educated awareness of the W&S challenge and the possible solutions, As demonstrated in Israel and encourage student to become aware and act. To safeguard the future availability of the vital resource in the future, Initially be increased youth and public awareness, and eventually leading to actual practical steps to safeguard the existing resource, use water wisely, develop new sources, and prevent loss of water and contamination and disease due to lack of proper sanitation.

the below presentations describe the Water & Sanitation challenge, the general RHAW program and the RHAW School Twinning Program